Map 111

Map 111 (2013)

6″ x 36″

Map 111 is the most challenging piece in this show, philosophically (111 refers to the location in the Dewey Decimal system). How many “The Type is Natural” statements are there on the left side of the intersection/impact line? One or many? This piece illustrates my view of the attempt to find one of two competing theories victorious. This brings into contact the belief in universals (“The Type is Natural”) as the correct description of reality in opposition to a nominalist position (“The Type is Nominal”). Is there really one thing out there in the world that is the color black or are there only particular instances of black? Are things we recognize as the same as such because of a natural, universal, thing that unifies them (without being any particular one of them) or is being the same dependent on our identifying and labeling them under a concept. In other words, is there an unobservable universal reality or is the world the way that we make it during the processes of perceiving and conceiving?


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