Summary (2013)

Dimensions: (21” x 21” x 1.25”)

Materials:  polyurethane rubber.


In Summary I can see more than one interpretation as being both interesting and capable of support. With that said, I want to point out one in particular. The word CLAIM has two interesting meanings that, taken together and in a most generalized manner, serve to summarize humanity. Human history (philosophical, religious, political, or economic) is essentially the record of some person or group’s claims, acts of assertion. We make a claim when we assert a right to possess something, either physical property or idea. We also make claims when we assert that something is the case, that something is a fact. As odd as it may seem, one interpretation among many for Summary is as a sculpture of a human, a unified collection of claims. It is interesting to me that to claim may be the first real assertion an infant makes as they claim an object to be “mine” and it may be the final assertion in a human life as a claim concerning death and an afterlife.


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