Thing In Itself

Thing In Itself (2013)
19″ x 19″
Digital Print
Thing in Itself is an image of the things and thinking on my desk in honor of Bertrand Russell. Follow the premises from the outside in as you read them. There are numerous references in this piece that might be of interest. The hawk’s talon is the actual talon I used as a model for a large wood carving entitled Ottoman (2007). The steel object in the lower left corner is a riving knife from my table saw; this is used to reduce kickback during cutting as it keeps the cut material from pinching behind the blade. The map itself is an object I found and was the starting point for the development of this piece. There is no description on it listing a purpose but it seems to me like a strategic map that analyzes German cities. The colorful map on the right side charts the eastern movement of the Mississippi river over time. The anthropometry drawings (that illustrate the extent of one’s reach) seem to have their place in this heavily analytic exercise. Finally, a thing in itself is what philosophers refer to as really there as a substratum for appearances. I am using the expression to refer to the bearer of properties, the thing that cannot be removed, and that which persists through change. 
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